Levie Gold Ltd. It releases Erratum in relation to its announcement of the drilling rig at Leviathan Mine, Timor Property.

VANCOUVER, BC, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Levie Gold Ltd. (\”Leviathan\”, \”Company\”) (TSXV: LVX) (Germany: 0GP) wishes to clarify that the supporting images shown in its newspaper article on the October 8 issue of the drilling of the Leviathan Mine in History were accidentally removed from certain newswire versions of the said release. . Thus, the current discharge is discharged by erratum.


As previously reported, current Leviathan excavation objectives and temporary practice sites are shown in Figures 1 and 2, oblique underground scales in Figures 3 and 4, and site images showing the earth visibility of Leviathan equipment in Figures 5 and 6.

Leviathan Gold Chief Executive Officer, Luke Norman, commented: \”The work of the Geologicalathan team in developing drilling standards at the historic Leviathan Mine – culminating in careful review and integration of historical data, in support of modern field work – demonstrates the discovery of open minerals below, and strikes excavated operations. Excavations are now underway at the Leviathan Mine, and will be reported in due course \”.

About Avoca and Timor

Victorian gold mines are one of the largest gold provinces in the world, with a record history of more than 2,500 tons – or more than 80 million ounces – of gold since its discovery in 18511. The Avoca and Timor projects contain 223 square miles of exploration within this. gold mines, about 180 miles northwest of the country\’s capital Melbourne. Projects take advantage of modern infrastructure, are easily accessible by paved roads, and fall less than 100 kilometers from the towns of the region of Bendigo and Ballarat, which have long been centers of mining and technology services.

Projects are located in the area of ​​the Victorian gold stadiums, the gold triangle, which is home to large gold deposits with a long and prominent production history such as those in Ballarat, Bendigo and Castlemaine. Recently, large finds were found in the Fosterville Gold Mine near Bendigo (operated by Kirkland Lake Gold, recently merged with Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.), with stockpiles of 1.70 million ounces at a typical 23.1 g / t Au range, including ounces 1.16 million at a typical range of 61.2 g / t Au2. Within the area explored by Leviathan Gold hundreds of historic small gold mines are known to have been located about 30 miles from Avoca and Timor.

The Avoca and Timor projects have been the subject of historical excavations between the 1850s and early 1900s, when the period of operation aimed at the so-called alluvial and \”deep lead\” of gold – buried second-river deposits – and main arteries – mineral processing carried out with shaft and underground suspension methods. Such activities reportedly produced about 1.3 million ounces of gold in the Avoca and Timor project areas alone, most of which stemmed from overcrowding and \”deep earnings\” – the rich alluvial mineral activity around Maryborough, so great that it lost the value of the coral mines. As such a small capital was found in the development of solid rock3. Mining methods, water removal and metal processing at that time were not artistic, as only more extraction of shallow, close, visible, high-quality minerals was possible, leading to more selective and non-stop mining. More than fifty such gold events are known within the Projects, and apart from this amazing gift, no planned Project exploration has taken place. As a limited exploration work has been recorded since WW1, many exploratory principles, and the mineralization that may be open to the depths of many of these, rarely exists for Leviathan to perform an integrated process in testing mineral deposits using modern equipment, geochemical and geophysical techniques.

Historical records are not historical resources, but rather the official records of the Government\’s production of gold from individual mines. Historical production records do not have the confidence level compared to the current reported mineral resources according to the CIM standards of resource estimates and should not be treated as such. Leviathan does not hold historical production records as indicators of current mineral source or mineral storage. The details of the historic gold mines have not been independently verified by the Qualified Person and such information does not indicate the mineral composition of the buildings referred to in this press release.

Comparable projects

Leviathan considers the Currighanalt project, in Northern Ireland, to be similar in terms of its location to the Avoca and Timor projects. 2018 Dalradian Resources Inc. describe the estimated and indicated resources of 6.34 million tons at 15.01 g / t Au for 3.06 gold ounces, and Inferred Mineral Resources of 7.72 million tons at 12.24 g / t Au 3.00 million ounces egolide3. The Currighanalt project, described as a \”high-quality gold deposit exhibited by a series of western-western, medium-to-density, quartz-carbonate-sulphide veins and the arrangement of small and short-veined arteries\” is carried out with anthropological andthopedic stone. .

Future Work Plans

There are more than thirty gold history applications within the Avoca4 project site, all of which require mapping, soil sampling and drill testing to test their capabilities and the Company intends to report to them on an ongoing basis. Prioritized goals include:

Vale\’s Reef: 1,444 tons extracted from 1,388 ounces of gold at a depth of 52 meters at a typical range of 29.4 g / t Au, operated from 1865 to 1883.

Monte Christo Reefs: 2,975 tons mined 937 ounces of gold at a depth of 30 meters with a typical range of 10.3 g / t Au, which worked from 1872 to 1877.
The Timor project lies to the east of the Avoca project and holds a large number of solid and alluvial gold deposits as evidenced by the magnitude of the historic performance, where nearly two decades of hard work can be regarded as the strongest producers. Prioritized goals include:

Shaw Reef: 16,881 tons of 12,623 minutes of gold reaching 130 meters deep at an average distance of 22.9 g / t Au, operated from 1883 to 1891. the inclusion of gold minerals indicating the possible epizonal-style of the Fosterville style.
The Leviathan Group of Mines and Shaw\’s Reef both lie in separate large buildings in the north-south of the region known to occur tens of thousands of miles related to their hard work at times. None of these buildings have seen significant football. These two mineral structures will focus on the near future exploration within the Projects. Modern methods of spinal alignment that help to understand the structural controls in mineral production, will be systematically used during this process.

Eligible Personal Verification and Data

The technical content of this press release has been reviewed, verified and approved by Keith Whitehouse, AusIMM (CP), Inspector General of Leviathan Gold (Australia) Pty. Ltd., a qualified person as defined by NI 43-101.

On behalf of the Company,

Luke Norman, Chief Executive Officer and Director

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Forward Statements

The information contained in this publication contains forward-looking statements based on the date of publication of the news, including prospects for the state of Leviathan\’s mineral projects, planned exploration activities, exploration achievements, historical value information, mineral continuity, comparable project value, exploration activity time, business conditions general and economic; that existing permits are available; that qualified personnel, finance, permits, approvals, and equipment are available on time; that market conditions continue; that contract partners perform their obligations as required; and that Leviathan is able to earn enough money for continuous good work. These statements reflect current management estimates, beliefs, objectives and expectations. They are not guarantees for future performance. Leviathan warns that all forward-looking statements are uncertain and that actual performance could be affected by a number of material factors, many of which are beyond Leviathan\’s control. Such factors include, among others: the risks and uncertainties surrounding the exploration activities that will result in the commercial value of the mineral content; that there may be changes in project parameters as plans continue to be refined; the ability to create planned exploration plans and future excavation plans; COVID-19; the ability to procure suitable staff, finances, permits, approvals, and equipment in a timely or permanent manner and for appropriate terms; changes in the commodity and security markets; non-performance of contract partners; and business and economic conditions in general, as such, real and future events, conditions and outcomes may differ significantly from the estimates, beliefs, objectives and expectations expressed or expressed in forward-looking information. Although Leviathan has attempted to identify significant risks and factors that may cause actual actions, events or outcomes differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements, there may be other factors and risks that cause actions, events or outcomes not as expected, estimated or intended. As a result, mistrust should not be placed on such forward-looking statements. In addition, all the forward-looking statements of this press release are issued from the next day. Leviathan disclaims any purpose or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, be it the result of new information, future events or otherwise, to save unless otherwise necessary in applicable security rules. The forward-looking statements contained herein clearly fit this disclaimer.

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