10+Motivational quotes for girls

The speed with which women have gradually made their place in every field and the light they have shed on their own condition by opening the closed doors of everyone’s thinking is truly praiseworthy.

Life should be lived as per your own,
On the advice of others, even a lion
Dance in the circus.

It’s not in your power to #Afford me,
The amount you earn…
I spend that much..!

10+motivational quotes for girls

Where women are respected, gods also reside there.

There is no difference between boys and girls.
Give opportunities to girls, they can conquer the whole world.

Self-confidence is most important for a girl.

The first woman Prime Minister of India was Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
Whose life gives a message to the society about what a girl can do.

I know I’m not perfect because of who I am. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world but I’m one of them.

Feminism is not about girl power.
It’s about equal strength.

Girls are not a burden on their parents,
Whereas conservative thinking about dowry is a burden on them.

Motivational quotes

You will get respect, you will also get wealth,
Serve your parents and you will also get support…

It is said that first love is never forgotten.
Then I don’t know why people forget the love of their parents.

The one above which has no end is called the sky,
In this place, the one who has no end is called mother.

Society’s attitude is so bad,
That a boy teases a girl on the way,
Even then the mother’s upbringing is at fault.

Now women have become so capable of earning,
She wants respect from a man, not money. It doesn’t matter how many people believe in you.
or don’t do it,
You must believe in yourself…

quotes for girls

What arrogance is there in boasting about father’s wealth?
It is fun when the wealth is one’s own and the father is proud of it.

When you took your first breath on earth, your parents were with you,
Be with your parents when they take their last breath.

What is the sorrow if you cannot get anything? What is less than what you have got from your parents.
The little space found at his feet is no less than heaven.

Don’t show off your successes to your parents.
He has made you win by losing his life.

Even if you forget everything, don’t forget your parents.
Don’t forget that their gratitude is worth millions.

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