Seeing peace: what does nature tell us when we listen

The beauty of this magical tree called peace is that it is available to all of us, even in cities, as long as we pay attention to obedience. We humans are an angry bunch. With our equipment, trucks, alarms, horns, beepers, loudspeakers, airplanes, and grasshoppers, we surround the sounds of progress that are deafening. Exotic … Read more

Best Accommodation in the U.S. If You Are Concerned About Climate Change

What areas are most resilient to climate change? There may be no place to go to avoid the effects of changing weather, but some areas are better located and prepared for record temperatures, rising sea levels and making natural disasters worse than others. The US Environmental Protection Agency has developed the Climate Resilience Screening Index … Read more

How the couple escaped the city to work on their boat

How to sail without risking your life: tips from couples who have done it. Patrick and Sheila Dixon explain how they can make ‘hybrid cruising’ work Seven years ago, like the empty nesters living in London, Sheila and I embarked on a cruise ship. I have been working at a fast pace, flying around the … Read more