20+Best Army Motivational Quotes

Indian Army soldiers are deployed day and night on the country’s borders.

Only then are we all able to live well inside the country. Indian Army soldiers who give up all their desires, leave their home, family, relatives and village and protect the borders of the country without worrying about any sorrow. The life of an Indian Army soldier is full of difficulties. It needs motivation all the time.

Let me tear you and let you bleed!!
Of the enemy’s chest!!
This is the fun!!
To live as a soldier!!
Jai Hind!!

He is a soldier of the Indian Army!!
Announcements are made by entering the enemies’ houses!!
And they are killed after coming out of their homes!!

Soldiers are also amazing!!
Family in a small pocket purse!!
And he keeps the whole of India in his heart!!

Soldier your youth!!
Makes a name for Hindustan!!
Jai Bharat Mata!!

Those who have the courage to walk alone!!
One day there are convoys following them!!

There is no winter in Kashmir!!
There is no summer in Mumbai!!
We also go home and celebrate every festival!!
If our body did not have this uniform!!

Army Motivational Quotes

My country is my life!!
It is my honor to protect it!!
And this is the identity of the Indian Army!!

To the family on the death of the soldier!!
There is less sadness and more pride!!
By giving birth to such sons!!
Mother’s womb also becomes blessed!!

Till my last breath!!
I will love you!!
One day my Mother India!!
I will merge into your soil!!

Salute to that tricolor!!
On which I am proud!!
Always keep your head held high!!
As long as there is life in the heart!!

The rights that are not given are taken away!!
We are free but we are enslaved!!
Salute those soldiers day and night!!
Those who live under the shadow of death!!

Soldiers are also amazing!!
Family in a small pocket purse!!
And he keeps the whole of India in his heart!!

A soldier for our tomorrow!!
Sacrifice them today!!

The brave martyrs who have come covered with shroud!!
Hundreds of salutes to the country and its countrymen!!

Army Quotes

If a man tells you that he is not afraid of death, then he must be either lying or an Indian Army soldier.

We regret that we have only one life to sacrifice for our country.

You can live in your home peacefully, as long as the Indian Army is deployed on the border.

Our survival may be a coincidence, but our love is our choice and killing our enemy is our business.

If I move forward, I may die, and if I move back, it would be an insult to my tricolor, so it is better for us Indian Army to always move forward.

The Indian soldier fights, not because he hates those in front of him, but because he loves those behind him.

It is a request that these winds blow a little faster today, the point is to hoist the pride of my country ‘Tricolour’.

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